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Question: How can I create different scenarios in the software?


You can use any of three approaches, depending on the nature of the differences among the scenarios. The paragraphs below discuss each of these three approaches.

1. Key Decision Factors.

Are you interested in comparing different scenarios for the following key decision factors: child support, spousal support, key expense items, tax exemptions, filing status, or wages? If so, you can use Analysis & Negotiation tab > What If Analysis.

This feature allows you to compare different scenarios side by side. Be sure to click the link for options at the top of the screen. There are many options, including the ability to show either a snapshot of the current year, or projections for future years, and many levels of detail.

Also, be very mindful of the checkboxes at the top, asking about whether you want the current year to use actual or pro forma dates.

2. A Few Other Numbers.

If you want to change just one or two other numbers for each scenario, here's what you an do:

a. Set up the first scenario.

b. Print the report(s).

c. Change the numbers.

d. Print the report(s) again.

To keep track of which report is which, you can write a different note at the top of each scenario, which you can add by clicking a link on the report labeled "Click here to add a note."

3. More extensive variations.

For more extensive changes, you can create a new case for each scenario. To do that, save your file, then click Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Save As.

That will create a copy of your current file under a new name. If you do this, you must be careful to make any changes that should affect both files in both files.