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Question: How can clients send their data electronically to me by e-mail if I am using a Macintosh?

Answer: Here is what you have to do:

1. Set up a folder that your Macintosh Finder can see. You only need to do this once:

Click here to see how.

2. Drag the client file from the e-mail into that folder. One way to do this is to drag the file from the e-mail message window onto the desktop. From there you can drag it to your default folder.

3. Start Family Law Software, Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Open, and open the file (*)

(*) As an alternative, you can leave the file on the Desktop, start Family Law Software, click Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Open, navigate to the desktop, and open the file from there. Then click Files & Settings tab > Save As, and save it to your default folder.

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