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Question: How do I enter a defined benefit pension?

Answer: Enter defined benefit pensions on the Assets & Debts screen.

1. Go to the Client Info > Assets & Debts screen.

2. Click the button to create a defined benefit pension asset.

3. Specify who is the owner of the plan.

4. Click "more info."

5. On the "more info" screen, you will have a choice whether you want the software to value the pension or whether you want to value it yourself.

- To have the software value the plan, click the checkbox at the top of the screen.

- To enter an outside valuation, clear (de-select) the checkbox at the top and click the link at the top labeled "Outside Valuation."

6. If the pension is in pay status, when you enter the benefit amount, it will flow into the party's income on the state financial affidavit and Budget Report.

If you do not want to enter a pension value at all, you may enter just the income of the pension.

To do that, click Client Info > Income & Expenses > Wage-Like Income, and enter the pension income on that screen.

Do not enter the pension in both places, because that would double-count the pension income.