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Question: I have received my KeyCode. How do I enter it and get going?

Answer: Thank you for subscribing to Family Law Software! Here is how to get going.

1. Download the software.

2. Run (double-click if necessary) the downloaded file, FLSPro.exe, to install the software on your computer. If you can not find the downloaded file to run in your browser window, press Ctrl+J in your browser. In several browsers this brings up a list of downloaded files. Run "FLSPro.exe."

3. Double-click the icon on your desktop (Windows) or Applications folder (Mac) to start the software. (In the Mac, you can drag the icon from the Applications folder to the icon bar at the bottom. Then it will start from the icon bar.)

4. In Family Law Software, click Files & Settings > KeyCode / Account > New KeyCode.

5 .Fill in the name and KeyCode information exactly as sent to you in the e-mail you received from us. Dashes are required.

6. To get oriented, you may wish to view our training videos:

Click here to view training videos

On the videos page, find your state. Financial professionals from all states should click the link for financial professionals.

Again, welcome to Family Law Software!