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Question: Can I specify a fixed-dollar reinvestment in specific Investments?

Answer: You can not specify a fixed-dollar reinvestment in specific investments.

Here is why:

The software is concerned with overall cash flows.

Any positive net cash flow in a given year will be put into the Accumulated Savings account.

The Accumulated Savings account is invested in a hypothetical diversified portfolio. You can see and change the allocation of that portfolio on the Assumptions screen (Files & Settings > Settings > Assumptions).

It would increase the complexity of the software to allow the specification of some amount of that net positive cash flow to go into specified accounts.

We would need data entries to specify the amount, and then there would have to be some way of specifying a priority order if there were not enough net positive cash flow to go around.

Then we would have to complicate the reports, the Accumulated Savings Report in particular, to explain what is happening.

We feel that, given the existing detail in the software's attempts to capture real world cash flows, including tax effects, that the software is sufficiently complex as it stands.

And the Accumulated Savings report, in particular, is not the simplest already.

So we have resisted adding this additional level of complexity.