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Question: How can I calculate child support in Illinois when custody is shared exactly equally (50/50)?


For the child support guideline statute that is in effect as of July 1, 2017, shared custody is provided for explicitly, and the software will handle it automatically.

You just have to enter an equal number of overnights(182.5) for each party on the Key Support Data screen, on the line where you enter each child's information.

The statute in effect through July 1, 2017, made no provision for shared custody.

Here is one approach that some attorneys used:

1. On the Key Support Data screen, specify each parent as custodial for at least one child.

2. On the Forms & Reports tab, on the Illinois guideline worksheet screen, specify (at the top) that you want to see both parents' information displayed.

3. On the guideline worksheet screen, at line B, Statutory Percentage, enter the percentage appropriate to the number of children:

20% for one child.
28% for two children.
32% for three children.
40% for four children.
45% for five children.
50% for six or more children.

4. The software will show child support amounts for each parent, net the two numbers, and show the result at the bottom