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Question: How can I set up a KeyCode list on a Windows Terminal Server?

Answer: Follow these steps:

1. Make sure your KeyCode file is named keycode.lst

2. Create a folder on the server for the file to reside in. You can create the folder in the same directory that the program installed in, or another folder as long as it is accessible to be read by Family Law Software when it starts up. Give the folder any name you like. "FLS Admin," for example, is fine.

3. Place the keycode.lst file into the folder you created in step 2 above.

4. Create a plain text file (e.g., using Windows Notepad) called flsadmin.ini, with the following content (assuming you placed the keycode.lst file into the folder c:\temp):



5. Copy this file to c:\program files (x86)\Flsplan\.

6. Install the Family Law Software program to the server (unless you previously installed it).

7. Start Family Law Software and click Home tab > System Info > Click here to set System Administrator Options.

8. A dialog will open. Find the option for "Master KeyCode List." Click "Browse," and Navigate to the folder you just created. Click OK.

9. On your server, create a folder client files. This folder should be accessible to all users with full read/write permissions for all users. Name the folder anything you like. "Family Law Software Files," for example, is fine.

10. Return to Family Law Software. On the Home tab > Sytem Info screen, click "Click here to specify Default Folder." Navigate to, and select, the folder you just created.

11. To test: Click Files tab > New. Create a file and enter some data. Exit Family Law Software. Start Family Law Software agan, and click Files tab > Open. You should see the file. Open it. If your data is there, you are all set.