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Question: How can I make the screen fonts larger?


You can make the screen fonts larger.

Click Files & Settings > Settings >System Options > Use larger fonts for screen display.

Once you have checked this box and clicked OK,you have to exit the software and then start the program again.

This makes the fonts larger on-screen, but it does not affect the fonts that are used in printing.

The fonts will remain larger each time you use the program in the future, unless you return to this location and clear that checkbox.

There is no way to change the fonts that are used in printing.

This is because most of the outputs are carefully spaced with respect to the page, and we cannot increase the font size and retain the page layout.

In Windows 10, you can make all the fonts in the system larger. To do that, click Windows Start button > Settings > System > Display > Change the size of text, apps, and other items.