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Question: Why are the mortgage (and other expenses) not showing up on the financial affidavit or Budget Report?


Most likely, the reason is that the property has been indicated to be a rental income property.

You can see this by looking on the "more info" screen for the real estate property, and see if the question shown below is answered "Yes."


In this case, by default, 100% of the mortgage is subtracted from the rental income of the property, and the net amount (along with other real estate expenses) is considered as rental income or loss.

Here is where that is specified:


The net amount appears on the financial affidavit on the line for real estate income or loss.

You can see the net rental amount calculated by clicking the link shown below.


The amount that carries to the financial form will be the amount in column (4), as shown below. Note that you have to scroll down to see each party's amount:



If the software were also to show the mortgage on the Financial Affidavit with the real estate property, that would be double counting.

Note that you can change the default, here, by changing the "100%" entry shown above to some other percentage (such as 0).

That would be telling the software that the mortgage is a personal expense, not associated with the rental.

If you are entering household expenses, such as property taxes, utilities, etc., on this page, there is a place to indicate whether they count as expenses against the real estate income, or as personal expenses. That is shown below:


If this box is checked, all of those expenses will also count as real estate rental expenses and be part of the net real estate income number on the financial form or Budget Report.

If this box is not checked, those expenses will carry as personal expenses to the financial form and Budget Report.