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Question: I have a trial version and am being told that I need a KeyCode.

Answer: This can happen in several situations.


If you are using the Macintosh edition, you do need a KeyCode for the trial version.

For all trial users, the KeyCode is "TRIAL" (in all capital letters).

Prior Users

If you have previously been a subscriber, you may download the trial edition only if you "start from scratch."

To do that, uninstall the software from your computer and remove the Family Law Software folder.

To uninstall, in Windows, click the Windows "Start" Button, select Family Law Software, and then select "Uninstall Family Law Software."

To remove the Family Law Software folder, click the Windows "Start" button, select My Computer, navigate to My Documents, and drag the Family Law Software folder to the Recycle bin. Or, right-click on the Family Law Software folder and select "Delete."

Other Situations

If you are trying the software for the first time, on Windows, and you get that message, please contact us and let us know. We will make sure you can get up and running.

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