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Question: For the New Jersey Case Information Statement, what is the difference between CIS income and Full Income?

Answer: On the New Jersey Case Information Statement, you may make your income entries either of two ways:

1. CIS Income; or

2. Full Income

The CIS Income completes the CIS only.

The Full Income entries are used to calculate child support as well. They also carry to the other calculators and reports, including Alimony Needed, What If Analysis, and Budget Report.

You might ask why we do not carry from the CIS income page to those other reports.

The answer is that we calculate taxes on those other reports, and there is not enough detail on the CIS Income page to allow us to calculate taxes accurately.

If you are sure you are only doing the CIS, then CIS Income is faster.

If you want to calculate child support, show your client a detailed Budget Report, or use the tools for figuring alimony, or the What If analysis, then use the Full Income.