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Question: For New Jersey Child Support, why is the income different (either higher or lower) than what I think I input?

Answer: On the Client Info > Child Support screen where you enter the child support information, in the Deductions section, there is a link to a worksheet for gross income (line 1 of the guideline worksheet).

Click that link.

That screen shows how the income was computed for New Jersey child support purposes.

Here are some reasons the income may be different than you expected:

  • Some items of income are excluded for child support purposes.
  • If you entered income only on the screen on the Client Info > C. Income > CIS Income section, and not on the other income screens, that income will NOT carry to the child support calculation.
  • On the other hand, if you used the Client Info > C. Income > Full Income section, then all of that income will carry to the child support calculation.