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Question: For New Jersey Child support, why are the number of tax allowances on Appendix IX-H or Circular E higher than I expect?

Answer: You get allowances for the party and for each child. But New Jersey rules add other reasons for allowances as well.

These include, for Appendix IX-H:

  • An additional allowance if the party is filing as head of household.
  • An additional allowance if the party has a for new spouse (if any).
  • An additional allowance for additional dependents.
  • And additional allowance for low income.

You can see the calculation of number of allowances in detail if you do the following:

1. On the Client Info > Child Support screen, scroll to the Deductions section.

2. In that section, click the link for a worksheet on Taxes.

3. On that worksheet, click the links for Appendix IX-H or Circular E.

For additonal details, see Rule 5:6A Appendix. IX-B, Sole and Shared Worksheet Instructions for Line 2A- Withholding Taxes.