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Question: For New Jersey child support, I have entered more than 104 overnights, so why is the software is not showing shared custody?

Answer: There are a couple of possibilities.

1. Household Income test.

Most likely, the recipient's income is not high enough.

There are two tests to qualify for shared custody.

Number of overnights is the first test.

The second test is that the recipient's income must be over a threshold. This is called the Household Income test.

You see both tests calculated. Immediately under where a child's name is entered, there are several checkboxes. One of these checkboxes relates to shared custody. Click the "Worksheet" link on that line.

2. Average of Multiple Children.

Another possibility is that there are 104 overnights with one child, but fewer with another child.

The software averages the number of overnights with all children.

3. Possibility to Override.

Note that you may override the "Shared Custody" calculated checkbox, and the calculations will follow the overriden entry.