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Question: Why is there a set-up fee?

Answer: We charge a set-up fee for two reasons.

1. Tech support. New subscribers tend to require more tech support, so this charge helps to cover that cost.

2. No contract. We have a "no contract" policy, which means that you may cancel at any time. This is a great benefit. However, some of our subscribers who pay monthly, who do not do much family law work, might be tempted to subscribe in January, cancel in February, subscribe in March, cancel in April, and so on. Administratively, we are not set up to be able to handle this kind of activity. And economically it would not be viable for us. So another reason for the one-time charge is to put a cost on this kind of switching.

We appreciate your understanding.

We really do hope you choose to subscribe.

And we would like to emphasize that if you do subscribe, we have a three-month full money-back-guarantee, a guarantee which covers the set-up fee as well.

So there is no risk in giving it a try. And if you don't think it is well worthwhile, you have three full months in which to cancel for a full refund, again, including full refund of the set-up fee.