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Question: How can I make a presentation using Family Law Software?

Answer: You can follow these steps to prepare an interesting and compelling presentation:

1. Open the Sample Case.

We have a sample case in the software.

Click Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Sample File.

Save the file under a different name (Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Save As).

2. Prepare Your Cases.

Click the Client Info tab.

You can review the data, and modify it (for example, change the names and addresses and properties to fit locally).

You might want to create the following two cases:

You might find it easier to start from scratch to create these cases. Then you will know everything that is in there.

3. Print Reports and Screens

Then view the reports (Forms & Reports). And view the Negotiation screens (Analysis & Negotiation).

The following are typically some of the most appealing reports to present:

1. Case where less-monied spouse keeps the house and goes underwater:

2. Older couple, case where retirement funds are / are not enough:

Other compelling screens on the Analysis & Negotiation tab, which it is really powerful to demonstrate live, include:

4. Prepare presentation.

As you are making your presentation, here are some key points you might wish to make:

1. Detailed financial planning helps parties get to settlement sooner.

Detailed credible financial reports, combined with detailed credible tax calculations, enable the parties to accept the financial projections.

This ability to accept the financial results will help the parties get to agreement through several different avenues:

2. Smarter financial planning makes happier clients.

Sometimes, it may be the unfortunate duty of the professional team to deliver the advice that the standard of living is unsustainable.

It is much better that that advice be delivered at the time of the divorce, so that both parties can make the necessary adjustments.

Credible, thorough reports are essential to getting parties to accept this reality.

Otherwise, one or even both parties may find themselves in serious financial difficulty six months to a year later.

Those parties are the ones who will be most bitter about their representation. They are not going to be the ones recommending you.

On the other hand, parties who feel that they were presented with thorough, credible financial plans at the time of the divorce will be grateful and will be more likely to be recommending you to their peers.

When your attendees see this presentation, backed by these reports, they will usually be very impressed and interested.