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Question: At startup, I get the message "Family Law Software has encountered a problem and needs to close." What should I do?

Answer: When you are starting the software, if you get the message saying "Family Law Software has encountered a problem and needs to close," it is because a file did not download completely or has become corrupted.

Just download the software again, starting at the link below, and you should be fine.
Download Professional Edition

If this download seems to happen instantaneously (that is, in 3 seconds or less), then the software did not actually download again. You still have the faulty download.

This can happen because your browser is insisting that the software has already been downloaded, and so you could not have wanted to download it again.

In that case, if you restart your computer, that should clear your browser's memory of having downloaded the software before, and this should enable you to download it again.

As you probably know, downloading is just the first step. In order to complete the installation, you need to run the download. You may be prompted to allow Family Law Software to make changes to the computer. Allow that. Then you should see this screen:


Click on it, then on our license agreement, Next, Next, and then Finish.

At that point, the software is installed and you should be good to go.