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Question: How can I send a data file to another computer?

Answer: You have several options to move files between computers.

1. Email.

You may use our built in ability to send files from one computer to another.

This is the fastest and easiest way to do it.

To do this, click Files & Settings > Open/Save/Send > Email. Specify your own e-mail address.

When you get to the computer where you want to receive the file, download the file into your Family Law Software folder. (The location of your Family Law Software folder is displayed at the top of the Files & Settings tab > Open/Save/Send screen.).

Then, click the Open button in Family Law Software, find the file, and open it.

2. Copy over a network.

If your laptop is on a network, and you are comfortable copying files from one computer to another, you can just copy the files from the folder where they are being stored to your laptop and back, by dragging them in Windows or using the Mac Finder.

3. Copy using a flash drive.

You may copy the data file onto a flash drive and carry the flash drive to the other computer.

Then copy from the flash drive into your Family Law Software folder on the destination computer.