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Question: I cannot set my default folder to be the one I created on my Shared drive.

Answer: This FAQ addresses the situation where you are having problems setting the default folder to one that you created on your "Shared" drive in Windows.

Typically, you have created a folder on your "Shared" drive called "Family Law Software."

Typically, if you are having this problem, you will have clicked Home tab > System Info > Click here to specify Default Folder, navigated to the Family Law Software in your Shared folder, clicked "OK," and then get a message that says that no folder was created.

To address this problem, here are two things you can try:

1. New file.

a. Click Files tab > New.

b. Click the "Default Folder" button

c. Set the default folder there.

If that does not work...

2. Sub-folder.

a. Click Home tab > System Info > Click here to specify Default Folder.

b. Navigate to the Family Law Software folder.

c. Click "Create New Folder."

d. Create another Family Law Software folder inside the first one.

Then be sure that all the computers in the firm have set the Default Folder to the folder that worked.

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