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Question: Is it possible to set an assumption that all net cash flow is spent rather than saved and invested?

Answer: We understand the motivation for this -- a spendthrift spouse will spend all available cash in ways that cannot be forseen -- but it is not possible to do that in the software.

In a way, such an option would defeat the purpose of the software, which is to show where the parties will be given the anticipated expenses.

If we had a setting to just "spend all of the net cash flow," the bottom line of every year would be zero, and you might as well not make any entries at all.

If you really want to create this effect, however, you can enter a Living Expense line on the write-in lines at the bottom, labeled "Other spending." Then click "more info" and manually override each year to be the amount of positive cash flow after taxes and other expenses in that year.

The "other spending" will cancel out the positive cash flow after taxes and other expenses, and each year's after-tax after-expense cash flow will be zero.

You should probably make this the last thing you do in the file, because this would need to be manually adjusted each time you change anything else.