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Question: My client, using Web data entry, got a message that reads, "Please check the professional code and password." What should we do?

Answer: Here are the possibilities and what to do in each case:

1. New Subscribers. It can take a day or two for us to set up your account on the server. So if you are a brand new subscriber, please wait a day or two, and ask your client to try again.

2. Client error. Please ask the client to try again. Perhaps he or she just entered the User Id or Access Code incorrectly. The Professional Id is a 5 digit number. You can find yours by starting Family Law Software and clicking Home tab > Getting Started, and looking at the bottom of the screen. The Access Code is usually the subscriber's first initial and last name. This is also on Home tab > Getting Started, at the bottom.

3. Other cases. Most likely, this means that the Professional Id and Access Code on your computer does not match the one on our server.

This can happen if, for example, there are two people using your KeyCode, and one of them changes the Access Code.

In this case, you should update the Access Code on our server to be in synch with the Access Code on your computer.

To do this, start Family Law Software and click Files tab > Set Up Services. Follow the prompts, until you receive the message "Your client file services have been successfully set up."

Then ask your client to try again.

Also, please be sure that everyone in your office who is using your name and KeyCode has the same Access Code. You can see what the Access Code is on the Home tab > Getting Started screen in the software, towards the bottom. If a person has a different Access Code than you, then he or she should click Files tab > Set Up Services, and follow the prompts, being sure to enter the same Access Code as yours.

If you do not get far enough to get the message "Your client file services have been successfully set up," then please contact technical support. Tell us your Professional Id (or your name and state) and Access Code and ask us to manually update the Access Code on your account on the server to match.

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