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New York

Family Law Software makes it easier to calculate Child Support, 2015 maintenance, and the New York Net Worth Statement. Be more efficient and more profitable.
The features on this page are specific to New York and are in addition to the features shown on our Home page.

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The easiest and best Net Worth Statement

Enter data on forms that look just like the Net Worth Statement.

Enter as many footnotes as you like, making them as long as you like.

You also have a lot of flexibility when it comes time to print.

  • Print with or without asset totals, with or without liability totals, and with or without income and expense totals.
  • Print with or without children’s assets.
  • Print or hide expense lines which are blank or zero.
  • You can display each real estate property separately.
  • You can display each vehicle separately.
  • Print with or without separate property details.

Change a number at the last minute, and all totals, including taxes, will update instantly, ready for printing.

Temporary and post-divorce maintenance

Calculate both temporary maintenance (without including investment income) or permanent maintenance (including investment income).

Applies child support support cap (or not)

Automatically applies the child support cap on combined income, but allows you easily to specify that some other cap should apply, or that no cap should apply.