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Family Law Software can estimate state taxes in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and all 13 Canadian provinces.

Financial Reports

Summary Reports
  One Page Summary
  Summary Totals Spreadsheet

Cash Flow Reports
  Budget Report
  Detailed Federal Tax Report
  Sale of Real Estate
  Five Year Projection

Property Reports
  Marital Property Division
  Marital and Separate Property
  Marital Property After-tax
  Property Valuations

Future Projection Reports
  Projected Net Income Graph
  Projected Net Worth Graph
  Net Income Spreadsheet
  Net Worth Spreadsheet

Valuation Reports
  Pension Valuation Report
  Present Value (Buyout) of Spousal Support

What If Reports
  Spousal Support Needed
  Support Needed Expanded ("FinPlan")
  What If Equitable Distribution
  What If Child Support
  What If Analysis
  Equalization Payment

Tax Answers Reports
  Spousal Support After Taxes
  Alimony recapture
  Spousal Support Trade-Off
  Best Filing Status
  Who Should Claim Exemptions

Child Support Guidelines


Financial Affidavits