Don't take our word for it. Here's what our customers have to say.

What our California customers are saying:

"I have been using your software for a year, and I love it. I have been using it instead of Propertizer for dividing assets, and it is great."
Steven Burlingham, Sacramento, California
"I love your software. I have been using it in Connecticut, and I'm so glad I can keep using it as I start practicing here in California."
Susan Guthrie, La Jolla, California
"I use your software all the time in my divorce mediation practice, and I love it. It helps my clients arrive at a fair and reasonable settlement more quickly than they otherwise would have. It helps clients to reach informed agreements when they can see visually, with charts, how assets and debts are allocated."
Georgia Daniels, Pasadena, California
"The feature that I am most interested in is the software's ability to electronically request information directly from our clients regarding the disclosure forms (SAD and the I&E) and this information then automatically populates the forms. This is a time saver and also engages the client in the process."
Cecelia Soboleski, Campbell, California
"As a Collaborative Practitioner, Mediator, and Family Law Litigator, Family Law Software's clear and flexible reports have made settlement (and persuasion) so much easier.
This program was written by people who understand that there can be multiple points of view on each issue and asset and who make it easy for us to evaluate how far apart these really are.
The ease of entering information once, documenting the details, and applying the information where needed in other reports is astounding.
The tech support, responsiveness to questions and speed of updates to keep up with tax and other changes is the best ever.
Sophisticated & integrated property and support software means less attorney work & happier clients."
Maralee Nelder, CFLS, CDFA, Grass Valley, California
"I am talking to every attorney I know to get them to switch to Family Law Software.
It is so much easier to navigate than Propertizer. Clients love it, because it goes so much deeper.
I especially like the projections. And I appreciate how responsive you are to feedback."
Melissa Atteberry, Chico, California
"My clients are really impressed with the reports."
Carlos Olivares, Whittier, California
"I must share with you that the professional, thorough reports I was able to generate with Family Law Software played a major role in settling a very difficult case the other day.
The combination of graphs and spreadsheet allowed both the wife who processes information visually and the husband who is very analytical to grasp the information equally well. Their attorneys were very pleased as well.
Thank you for making me look so good!"
Thea Glazer, CFP, CDFA, MS. Accounting, San Diego, California
"The program is very user friendly. I find that the pop-up help on the screens is very helpful. And the program is very comprehensive."
Benjamin Putman, CPA, CFP, CDFA, PFS, Irvine, California
"I have been using Family Law Software for many years. The program is frequently updated for tax changes and new features.
The software has a comprehensive menu of reports that are available, integrates accurate tax adjusted calculations, and can easily produce multiple scenarios.
This program has been an invaluable resource for my practice for the most basic to the most complex cases."
Jerry Cohen, CPA/PFS, CFF, CDFA, Woodland Hills, California
"I would recommend this software to anyone practicing family law."
Michael Lusk, Elk Grove, California

What our Colorado customers are saying:

"We have now been using Family Law Software for two years. It is a great program, and the updates -— which have been seamless and easy to install -- have made it even better. There have only been a couple of times that our paralegals have had questions about data entry, but they received responses from you quickly answering their questions. Thank you for this great software program, and its excellent support!"
Bill Van Horn, Littleton, Colorado
"Your company’s responsiveness to any small coding issues that arise with new features and law change roll-outs is really quite amazing!"
Lawrence King, Westminster, Colorado
"Family Law Software really helps us streamline our forms for the court and gives them a clean and professional look."
Ericka J.A. Fowler, Boulder, Colorado
"Family Law Software has made my practice much easier. There is a brief learning curve, but I use it with every client now and appreciate the ease."
Amy Antommaria, Greely, Colorado
"Family Law Software is the best method to get to an accurate data base and that gives you the flexibility to make the changes that always happen."
Trey Meyers, Littleton, Colorado
"Family Law Software has made my law practice settle cases. It provides marital spreadsheets you can provide your client at the time of the preparation of the Sworn Financial Statement."
Connie Padia, Arvada, Colorado
"Family Law Software answers all of your clients' questions."
Susan Marhoffer, Colorado Springs, Colorado
"You guys are the fastest support team for any software, anywhere. Thank you!"
Steve McBride, CDFA, Greenwood Village, Colorado
"I switched Family Law software from Fin Plan, and what a huge difference it has made! The tax calculations are easy to understand, have lots of credible back up, and are accurate.
I also love that any Family Law report can be exported into Excel and customized for court or mediation presentations. I'm never going back!"
Lauren Sigman, Denver, Colorado

What our Connecticut customers are saying:

"I love your product -- and Barbara Stark!"
Regina Wexler, Torrington, Connecticut
"I'm thrilled that I switched to using Family Law Software
The program is terrific, and your customer service is excellent!"
Maurice Segall, Stamford, Connecticut
"You guys are truly amazing. Your commitment to helping the user and continuously improve the product is like nothing I have seen in the industry. Moreover, kudos for bringing on Barbara Stark for training and customer support. She's also terrific."
Eric P, Greenwich, CT
"The software is wonderful. It is very easy to use. I love it."
John Carbo, Stonington, CT
"I use Family Law Software all the time in collaborative situations.
I like that you can do lots of iterations on the proposals and get answers to the questions clients have."
James G. Russell, Filomeno & Company, PC, West Hartford, CT
"I love the software. It has changed the way I practice. Knowledge is power. When you can use real numbers, after taxes, that gives you confidence and a real leg up in the negotiation.
For example, in a recent case, the other side wanted to give less alimony, and because I had your budgeting, I now knew that the wife would not have had enough income. Using your reports, I was able convince the other side."
Dori-Ellen Feltman, Westport, CT
"Family Law Software is user friendly - for me as well as for my clients. It allows me to work more cost effectively and efficiently.
The ability to share files with other lawyers, especially in collaborative divorce cases, is valuable. Family Law Software is a perfect fit for my mediation practice as well.
Perhaps most importantly, the customer support is terrific."
Lisa Cappalli, Cheshire, CT
"I am a believer in Family Law Software.
I had developed my own spreadsheets for calculation of financial affidavits and child support guidelines several years ago. I wrote macros, I generated forms and I kept a fairly good finger on the pulse of tax implications while under development.
I can affirmatively say that Family Law Software, its developer, and the product have enhanced my knowledge of tax implications and eased my racing mind from the task of keeping up with greater and growing demands to massage the financial data of a devolving marriage into a workable format."
William R. Donaldson, Esq. Donaldson, Kershaw & Norris, Esq.
"I am not very computer savvy. I used FinPlan, and it was not user friendly. I gave Family Law Software a try.
I like it much better. It is much more user friendly. It is comprehensive.
You type something in once and it appears everywhere it should appear. I also like the fact that when I have a question, they respond. The support is excellent."
Richard Gee, Yalesville, CT
"I use Family Law Software to prepare financial affidavits and child support guidelines, and I also use the total property report.
It is better than what I was using before because it is all in one program. I don't have to go opening several programs.
The support has been fabulous as well."
Wendy Prince, Prince & Cotler, Stamford, CT
"I am an attorney who practices exclusively divorce mediation and collaborative divorce.
I use the Family Law Software program from the beginning to the end of each case I work on.
The software is great for budgeting, tax decisions and asset division.
The couples I work with appreciate the easy to read print-outs and my ability to alter them so quickly and accurately.
I also keep all my general data about the couples in their software file. It helps me to stay organized.
As the case moves toward conclusion, I use Family Law Software to produce the financial affidavits and child support guidelines worksheets.
In addition to the user-friendly nature of the software, the customer service I receive from Family Law Software is outstanding."
Vicki Volper, Westport, CT
"I have found Family Law Software to be great for the financial planning aspect of mediation and collaboration, guidelines, cash flow, and property division.
If you put the data in and use their tools, you can print a Property Division Report, Guidelines, Budget Cash Flow and Financial Affidavits from the reports.
I am using the client-side data input feature in most of my cases. This saves a lot of data input time which my clients appreciate. They absolutely love to have a pro-active thing to do to save money and move things along -- especially when one of them is comfortable with computers, which is usually the case.
I have had a lot of communication with the company in terms of the program, and they have been very responsive in responding to questions and incorporating suggestions. I have found the support to be both available and reliable.
In almost all my cases there is a question like, Can one of us afford the house?? or can we both make it? that the program is a big help in answering
If you enter the parties' income, expenses, and assets, all that data flows to the Financial Affidavit. The Affidavit feature is almost worth the price of admission all by itself.
This software has been a great investment. It's worth the money and the learning curve. It has saved both me and my clients lots of time. They really appreciate it, which has resulted in referrals."
Susan Smith, Avon, CT

What our Florida customers are saying:

"I have been practicing Family Law in Florida for more than 35 years. I used two other programs to prepare financial affidavits, child support guidelines and equitable distribution scenarios, but they always were defective, did not meet my needs and were not user friendly. I have been using Family Law Software for more than five years and I have no intention of changing to another platform. It is very easy for me to create everything I need in my family matters using Family Law Software. But what may be even better is the superb tech support that we receive from the Florida representative, Ana Taitt, and the national tech support staff. My office staff is now well-versed in using Family Law Software. I cannot imagine a reason for a family attorney or financial professional to use software other than Family Law Software."
Bob Merlin, Coral Gables, Florida
"Family Law Software is the easiest most effective family law software program I have ever used. A must have for any attorney practicing marital law. "
Eddie Stephens, Ward Damon, West Palm Beach, FL
"We have used several different programs to estimate divorcing parties’ net incomes and to calculate child support including Fin Plan and Divorce Power Analyzer.
We started using Family Law Software several years ago and could not be happier.
We find FLS to be simpler, better organized, and more intuitive than any of the other programs we have used.
FLS displays the child support amount at the bottom of the data entry screen where it can be easily seen. FLS allows overnights of 182.5 to be entered for each parent – this simplifies calculations and is more in line with the actual state of affairs than 182/183 when the parents’ timesharing is truly 50/50.
FLS includes financial affidavits at no extra cost and is reasonably priced.
But, most important is the fact that FLS updates are timely, and easy to install. (With one of our previous programs a significant tax update was not provided for five months after the change went into effect.)"
Elinor Robin, PhD
Florida Supreme Court Certified Mediator and Mediation Trainer
"I use your software and I love it. I switched from DPA about three years ago, and I am very happy I did."
Deborah Diaz, New Port Richey, Florida
"Family Law Software revolutionized discovery in our office. The simplicity of being able to include the client in the Financial Affidavit production process makes for a strong Financial Affidavit every time."
Andrea Reid, Boca Raton, Florida
"Thanks for the quick response on my tech support question!   By the way, an attorney friend of mine asked me what version of DPA I was using, and I let him know of my change over to Family Law Software and my satisfaction with your product.  
He sounded excited about it, so hopefully you will have a new user shortly, if not already. I love the software!"
Russell Marlowe, New Port Richey, Florida
"I wanted to let you know how much easier your program is to use. I have been a family law practioner in Florida for over 15 years and was running the other family law financials software. I was extremely frustrated with the other program because it was so difficult to use and cumbersome (and I am tech savvy). This software is terrific. I first used the trial version and almost immediately purchased it well prior to the trial period expiring. The prograrm is so much easier to use, and physically easier on the eyes. As I recently switched my office to run on Apple computers, we I can now run the software from our network instead of having a PC solely dedicated to run the financial software. I recommend this program to every family law practioner out there.Thank you!!! "
Lourdes Fernandez, Coral Gables, Florida
"As a solo practitioner, the product overall has proven useful in Court, and invaluable in saving staff hours.
With easy-to-use information tabs and regular software updates, this is an important tool in my Family law practice. I am also grateful for the rapid-return support I have received since I've been working with you. "
Michael Rebuck, Palm City, Florida
"Family Law Software is an excellent product and very helpful with a mediation practice."
Richard Feinberg, Indalantic, Florida
"I like using Family Law Software to plan for equitable distribution."
Philip Schipani, Sarasota, Florida
"I love your product."
Natalie Lemos, Leinoff & Lemos, South Miami, Florida
"Family Law Software is a breakthrough product.
Easy and effective"
Patrick Vilar, Miami, Florida
"I love the quick child support calculations in Family Law Software."
Cindy Crawford, West Palm Beach, Florida
"We have tried the major financial software programs and are most pleased with Family Law Software.
It is easy to use, allows multiple case scenarios, and, importantly, our support staff find it user friendly.
The remote transfer features are the best!"
Debra Sutton, Bartow, Florida
"Family Law Software really simplifies the present evaluation process, and I highly recommend it."
Matthew Lundy, Tampa, Florida
"We really like the program, especially the more we use it and become more familiar with it.
One of the best features of your product is the ability to request changes to accomplish our goals. Also, we appreciate how responsive you are to our inquiries."
Alan Scott Miller, New Port Richey, Florida
"As a family law attorney and mediator, I use my Family Law Software almost every day.
Easy to navigate and inexpensive, it is an excellent program."
Pam Schneider, Gainesville, Florida
"I like Family Law Software better than FinPlan, because it is easier to create and save different scenarios.
It is more intuitive, and I like the fact that it can export to Excel spreadsheets."
Russell Petersen, Vero Beach, Florida
"Family Law Software is very user friendly, and I'm not a techie."
Marie Davidson, Coral Gables, Florida
"Family Law Software is amazing!
It is helpful and time-saving."
John Egusquiza, Miami, Florida
"Family Law Software is a step up. It is easy and user-friendly.
I had FinPlan and DPE. This is light years easier."
Denise Isaacs, Boca Raton, Florida
"We are so pleased with your product. It has made our lives easier! Priceless. :)
Also, we have found your technical support to be incredibly available, helpful and supportive."
Kristin Grossman, Grossman & Grossman P.A., Winter Garden, Florida
"Family Law Software is so easy, even I can use it. This replaced both DPA and FinPlan for me. I love that the client can put data in and send it to me. That alone saves me hours. The equitable distribution feature is also great. I even have other attorneys calling me up, asking me to put their cases into Family Law Software!"
Jeffrey Cario,  Brooksville, Florida
"Family Law Software is the easiest program I have used, and the most intuitive."
Mary H, Ft Lauderdale, FL
"I love Family Law Software. It is much better than DPA."
Gerald Adams, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I think Family Law Software is fantastic. It is far more user friendly than the other programs."
Camille Cooledge, Ft. Lauderdale, FL
"I have been using Family Law Software since 2007. I like the alimony analysis and child support scenarios. My secretary does the affidavits. I like that clients can download the information to me. It is also so easy to make changes on the Financial Affidavit."
Doreen Halickman, Fox, Wackeen, Dungey, Beard, Sobel, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
"We use this software in our office, and we highly recommend it to all Florida Family law attorneys. It is extremely intuitive and user friendly. "
David Manz, Greenman and Manz, Marathon, Florida
"I use the software all the time. I used to use DPA, and I like this much better. It is so easy to use, and so intuitive. It is constantly updated. I also really like that my clients can fill in the data electronically and send it to me."
Elizabeth Alpert, Sarasota, FL
"I found the program to be very user friendly for someone who wants something simple and just is not particularly computer proficient. In addition, the support staff was terrific."
Charles Cohen, Boca Raton, FL
"Your software encompasses everything involved in child support calculations and is extremely helpful - the modifications section, etc.
Most of the programs we've used in the past didn't do nearly as much as yours does. We're really happy with it.
Your technical support and customer service have also been exceptional! "
Nikki Craig, Paralegal, Panama City, FL
"Family Law Software is great. We've used other software programs for financial affidavits and nothing compares to this one.
We also like that clients can send us their information electronically, because that really boosts our efficiency."
N. Diane Holmes Orlando, Florida

What our Illinois customers are saying:

"I love Family Law Software. It is much better than FinPlan."
Judith DeVriendt, Joliet, Illinois
"I love it and I use it all the time."
Jessica Malmquist, Barrington, Illinois
"Family Law Software is easier and better than FinPlan. The people at Family Law Software stay on top of things, and the program is very user friendly."
Burt Gross, Chicago, Illinois
"I am a very happy convert from FinPlan to Family Law Software."
Judy Goldstein, Mokena, Illinois
"Having been a Finplan user for too many years, I can say that Family Law Software is great - much more usable and friendly."
Jonathan Shimberg, Evanston, Illinois
"Everything about it has been very user friendly. I highly recommended it."
Gary Spahn, Lake Forest, Illinois
"Family Law Software is extremely user-friendly. Its formatting for income, expenses, and balance sheets readily lend themselves to use of footnotes in complex financial scenarios."
Lyn Conniff, Oak Park, Illinois
"This software has been going great for us. I have been using it for over a year, now."
Jeffrey Esser, Chicago, Illinois
"Very helpful in settlement negotiations. Easy to change scenarios."
Margaret H. Weging, Elmwood Park Illinois
"Enter it once - Get it right every time!
FLS's ability to integrate information between income, property and taxes is unmatched."
Jeffrey Hirsch, Gitlin Law Firm, Woodstock Illinois
"Family Law Software is invaluable in doing property divisions."
Anna Bush, Barrington, Illinios
"I have been using Family Law Software for almost two years. I especially like the breakdown of the various tax deductions on one of the worksheets."
Margaret Zuleger, Arlington Heights, Illinois
"I love Family Law Software. I tell every one to use this over FinPlan. It is much better software."
Marc Beermann, Beermann & Ori Ltd., Libertyville IL
"Family Law Software is much easier than Fin Plan, and I like that the local rule affidavit is incorporated into the program."
Rhonda Rosenthal, Crystal Lake, Illinois
"I find Family Law Software to be a far more flexible, and much easier program to use than FinPlan. I would encourage everyone to give it a try. I think you will like it. "
Rory Weiler, Weiler & Lengle, Lake Charles, IL
"The software was well worth the investment of time.
I had a client meeting recently where it totally changed the dynamic of the entire meeting, and I won over the opposing client to my side, because he was so impressed with my level of detail and professional presentation from Family Law Software, as opposed to his attorney's spreadsheet."
Christine Walton, Oakbrook Terrace, IL
"Family Law Software is the best software product I have ever used in the practice of law. It is a dynamic program that is intuitive to use.
When I use it in negotiations or with the court, it meets or exceed all of my expectations. "
Win Wehrli, Naperville, Illinois
"Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, LLP been using Family Law Software and find it to be a unique product that is comprehensive, efficient and easy to use both in traditional litigation matters as well as Collaborative matters.
It sets a new standard for divorce lawyers and financial professionals involved in domestic relations matters."
Carlton R. Marcyan, Schiller DuCanto & Fleck, Chicago, IL
"I use Family Law Software because it does everything I need: the balance sheet, child support, spousal support, and other calculations -- everything."
Jon Beerman, Libertyville, IL
"Family Law Software has proven over the several years I have used it to be a productivity boosting program with no peers.
Its ability to pull together assts, liabilities, incomes and debts -- as well the additional features such as the child support and arrearage calculators - has allowed my staff to leverage their time wonderfully!"
Charles Watson, Springfield, IL
"Any lawyer who is not using this software is missing the boat. This software has definitely made my practice more profitable. I learn about the case as I put in the information to your software.
As a lawyer, I use Family Law Software to help me see visually what various settlement options look like, both today and out into the future.
The program is easy to use and has been designed with the lawyer's needs in mind."
James Lenahan, Wheaton, IL
"I just competed entering 14 years of sporadic payments in Family Law Software, and I ran the reports, and I am amazed! I could never have figured out the arrears due without the program."
Kurt Dittmer, Rasmussen and Dittmer, LLC, La Harpe, Illinois

What our New Jersey customers are saying:

"We use software for Child Support Guidelines and for the CIS. We find the software to be easy to navigate.  I like that it does a number of things automatically which our other software did not. The support has also been very good when we needed it."
Susan Reach Winters, Esq. Chiesa Shahinian & Giantomasi PC, West Orange, New Jersey
"With fantastic, built-in CIS footnoting and customization options that allow me to keep everything in a single file, lots of useful forms, comprehensive after-tax property division, detailed child support calculation and more, Family Law Software is -- by far -- my favorite family law software tool. I have tried them all, and I recommend Family Law Software to all serious family law practitioners and mediators.
It is simply the best, easiest-to-use tool for New Jersey matrimonial practice, bar none."
Amy Sara Cores, Esq., Cores & Associates, LLC, Freehold, New Jersey
"Your tax update information makes it well worth my subscription, in addition to the powerful software you have developed. After having spent some time with Family Law Software, I can safely say that it is robust, accurate, and ultimately trustworthy. I look forward to using it for many years to come. "
Heather C. Keith, Esq, Keith Family Law, Westfield, New Jersey
"Family Law Software CLOUD is a Must Have for every serious family law practitioner."
John A. Patti, Esq., Patti Family Law, Red Bank, New Jersey
"I think the software is amazing and really useful. If you have a mediation practice and you get into the numbers at all, you are remiss if you don't use this software."
Philip Wild, Tenafly, New Jersey
"I do like the program, much more user-friendly on both the attorney and the client sides, and no more need to painstakingly review the CIS-Lite form for a misplaced comma etc. Family Law Software is far more useful than EasySoft, particularly the defined benefit pension evaluation."
Anthony Marucci, Livingston, New Jersey
"Family Law Software provides tools allowing the attorney to offer a comprehensive analysis to client including alternative child support calculations and ultimate net cash flows.
I use it often and highly recommend it."
Phyllis S Klein, Donahue, Hagan, Klein & Weisberg, Morristown, New Jersey
"Family Law Software helps me do the best job I can for my clients."
Claudia Mott, Basking Ridge, New Jersey
"I have been using Family Law Software for over year and I love it.
More importantly my staff loves it.
It is easy to use and simple to update and maintain. The intuitive data entry is amazing.
I've also been using Family Law Software on my Mac with Dropbox.
The cloud storage and retrieval functions make Family Law Software the perfect tool for any family law practitioner."
Paul H. Scull, Pennsville, New Jersey
"Simply put, Family Law Software is the best tool available to the family law practitioner.
A must in your practice. Easy to use. Always accessible. Reasonable costs."
Carmen R. Faia, Faia and Frick, PC, Pleasantville, New Jersey
"Family Law Software is the best, and I've tried them all."
Dale Console, Kingston, New Jersey
"I love Family Law Software- very user friendly!"
Samuel Stoia, Morristown, New Jersey
"You won't be sorry."
Patricia Garity Smits, Morristown, New Jersey
"Family Law Software is an extremely important and well-designed tool for Family practitioners.
Knowing my child support guidelines and tax tables are always current is invaluable. The interface between my clients and myself using the Family Law Software client software or on-line web data collection is also very efficient!"
Joanne S. Nadell Esq., Little Silver, New Jersey
"Each time I use this software, I am more amazed at what it can do.
My contact with technical support has always been a comprehensive personal tutorial.
It doesn't get any better than this."
Michael Mallin, Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey
"The software is excellent. It is easy to use and is helpful in preparing for trial, settlement negotiations, and explaining the financial impact of the divorce to the client."
Cheryl Connors, Tonneman & Connors, Eatontown, New Jersey
"I love this software. The folks here are always available to help when you need it."
Delia Murphy, Bloomfield, New Jersey
"We like this the best! I'm getting the phone app too. (This works on Kindle!)"
Susan R. Dargay, Mount Holly, New Jersey
"I find the software easy to use and the plan option fits my needs and my budget."
Nina Remson, Hackensack, New Jersey
"My paralegals and I love this program, and I love the support we get."
C. Catherine Jannarone, Matawan, New Jersey
"I have been a customer of Family Law Software for many years. The program is clean, accurate, comprehensive, and, even for me, easy to use. It is extremely user-friendly. Technical assistance, when needed, is very responsive, and they are always helpful.
I am happy to strongly endorse this program. "
Carl Cavagnaro, Vineland, New Jersey
"I love the software and recommend it where ever I go. "
Leviston N. Brisolla Dover, New Jersey
"I like the program a lot. It is a nice tool, especially for mediation, because I can put it up on the screen and show them line by line what their cash flows and taxes will be. "
George Chehanske, Weinberger Law Group, Freehold New Jersey
"The software is fabulous, you just plug in the numbers and the software does the work for you. "
Stacy Burns, paralegal, Mt Holly, New Jersey
"I like the software. I do a lot of mediation as well as litigation, and I use it in both my practices. It is really good.. "
William Donahue, Jr., Attorney-Mediator, Haddon Heights, New Jersey
"I have in the past used Easy Soft and found their programs difficult to use and very expensive as well.
I use Family Law Software for several reasons and the primary one is the almost immediate response to e-mails and other inquiries concerning the program.
The staff go out of their way to answer any question and are extremely helpful.
It is by far the best program for Family Law attorneys that I have ever used and I recommend it to all my fellow lawyers. "
Claire M. Calinda, Toms River, New Jersey
"Family Law Software is an invaluable tool, and very user friendly. The support we get is phenomenal. I recommend this software to everybody. The company takes seriously any suggestions for improvement and they update very quickly. Also, I see the other programs' product from attorneys on the other side, and their product is not nearly as nice as ours from Family Law Software."
Marilea Levinson, Paralegal
Greenbaum, Rowe, Smith & Davis LLP"
Roseland, New Jersey
"The software does so much, I have not discovered it all yet. My recent hire is really getting into the software's CIS -- she loves it. She's discovering all it can do. "
Mary Jane Leland, Freehold, New Jersey
"Family Law Software has been a great asset for our family law practice, from creating Case Information Statements to calculating child support figures for our clients. They have easy-to-understand tutorial videos to help you become familiar with the software, and the customer service is always courteous and knowledgeable, and they stay with you until the problem is fixed and all of your questions are answered. "
Keith B. Hofmann, Esq., Hoffman Law Firm LLC, Princeton, New Jersey
""I've used several family law software programs over the years and Family Law Software is the best. It is very sophisticated, with many more features then other programs. I especially like the very detailed, fine-tuning opportunities built in on the various screens.
With prior programs, sometimes it took time to get a technical problem addressed. When I call this company, the technician usually answers and we immediately get to work; if I leave a voice mail message, I get a response in minutes, not hours or the next day.
I highly recommend this program to any person practicing in family law. "
Howard Pfeffer, Clifton, New Jersey
"Those of us faithful to the bitter end to Legal+Plus Family Soft are truly fortunate to have been able to turn to Family Law Software. As dependable as Legal+Plus was in its heyday, Family Law Software is an incredibly more sophisticated tool for serious family law practioners, from alimony to equitable distribution, even pensions.
Support for the program is sophisticated, too: you get someone who knows the software and the child support guidelines as though he'd written them, and requests for help bring amazingly prompt -- often immediate -- responses. "
Vince Robertson, Moorestown, New Jersey
"You can do so much more with this software than you can with EasySoft.
The equitable distribution property division feature is great. I had a big case with many assets, and this made it much easier for me. The company is very responsive. I requested some minor improvements in the software and they were made right away. "
Arthur Lessler, South River, New Jersey
"Family Law Software is a sophisticated product that allows me to accomplish tasks for which I previously had to use several programs. In addition to the child support and Case Information Statement functions, it performs tax and equitable distribution analyses.
The technical support staff responds to questions, quickly, and has been very helpful in guiding me and the other attorneys at my firm through the learning process. "
Steven Rubenstein, Meyerson, Fox, Mancinelli & Conte, P.A.
"Our law firm uses Family Law Software. The training, support and technical assistance offered by this company is second to none. Regardless of whether I contact them via telephone or e-mail, I always receive a prompt, courteous and satisfactory response. I know that I can count on them being there for me, if I need them. "
Sharron Dallas, Paralegal, Law Offices of William P. Deni, Sr., Flemington, New Jersey

What our New York customers are saying:

"There is no other way to draft a sworn Net Worth Statement. "
Anne McCarthy, New York, New York
"Family Law Software is very efficient to use with clients. Clients love the fact that they can fill out their information and that it gets processed so quickly. It is very helpful with the analysis of income and maintenance. It allows me to optimize both parties, so it leads to less-inflammatory litigation. It allows me to solve disputes in a more peaceful manner -- which should be the goal of every case. "
Sherri Donovan, New York, New York
"I keep pushing this software. It is great. If you ever need to have someone talk to a potential customer, feel free to refer them to me. "
Charles Inclima, Rochester, New York
"I use it all the time, and I really like it. It lets me figure things out more quickly. "
Jenna Rosato, Garden City, New York
"It is indispensable. I could not do a divorce without it. On the phone I can give the client a quick read on his child support immediately."
Baruch Waldman, Spring Valley, New York
"I used to manipulate spreadsheets for years and years, and this is much easier."
Neil VanDerWoude, Carmel, New York
"I use it all the time. I love it. "
Jeffrey L Lewisohn, Lynbrook, New York
"I love it. It was a great investment. "
Wanda Negron, Yonkers, New York
"Family Law Software is my reliable back office support. "
Amy Reiss, New York, New York
"This software has improved my mediation process immeasurably. "
Stacey A. Herman, Roslyn Heights, New York
"Family Law Software will revolutionize your practice.
It is easy to use and you will love having the maintenance and child support calculations done instantly. "
Valerie Kerker, Albany, New York
"Couldn't possibly begin to do the complex work of divorce mediation without Family Law Software.
 I recommend it without reservation. "
Ken Neumann, New York, New York
"Best divorce financial document software I have ever used.
Family Law Software has cut down the time spent on Statements of Net Worth by at least 50 percent.
The ability to have the client complete an e-mail questionnaire is worth the monthly fee by itself. The software works, and it saves time. My paralegal loves it. "
Joel R Salinger, Commack, New York
"Family Law Software is a wonderful program. I have used this program for years.
It facilitates computation of crucial information necessary for formulating child support, and the requisite alimony projection. "
Sandra Adelson, Mediator, Scarsdale, New York
"I love the simplicity of the Family Law Software program.
Family Law Software is extremely user friendly which in turn leads to receiving a more complete Statement of Net Worth from the client saving a lot of time and expense. "
Melodie Ciambra, paralegal, office of Joel R. Salinger, Commack, New York
"Having practiced matrimonial law for the past 36 years, I believe that Family Law Software is the most comprehensive program available to matrimonial attorneys.
The Statement of Net Worth is both comprehensive and easy to use; the technical support excellent; and the program itself contains many effective tools to aid in the resolution and trial of cases. "
Lloyd M. Friedland, Librett, Friedland & Lieberman LLP, Garden City, New York
"We have been using Family Law Software for several years, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.
The program is easy to learn and use. While we primarily use the software for preparation of net worth statements, the other features, such as "what if analysis" are invaluable tools for settlement negotiations. "
Elisa Greenblatt, Parmet & Greenblat LLC, New York, New York
"This is the best investment in technology I made all year. "
Bernard G Post, New York, New York
"I love Family Law Software. It is easy enough for an "old dog" to use. I like that it has space for notes, and that changes are easily made. "
Linda Markowitz, Elsmford, New York
"Family Law Software is a helpful tool in my matrimonial practice. It provides support calculations as well as equitable distribution charts, thereby helping to clarify and contrast both parties' income and assets. "
Lynn Maier, White Plains, New York
"This 236B program is very user-friendly. It can be tailored to a particular case pattern (i.e., same-sex spouses instead of H/W) and the support staff is great. I would recommend it to all matrimonial practitioners. "
Shari Jo Reich,  Buffalo, New York
"I find Family Law Software to be indispensable in my practice. I run support figures for tax impacts on every case. "
Deborah Scinta,  Buffalo, New York
"Family Law Software produces the best looking, easiest to understand and most flexible Net Worth Statementavailable of all software products on the market. "
Donald Wall, New York, New York
"I love Family Law Software. I use it in the courtroom, during proceedings, in order to stay one step ahead of my adversary in calculating financials. It's great always to have the correct calculations. "
John McCarron, Tuckahoe , New York
"Thank you for creating Family Law Software. The Statement of Net Worth is extremely easy to use and looks very professional.
Best of all, working with the knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating technical staff is a pleasure.
Why, one can even make suggestions for minor improvements which are not only listened to but often implemented.
You guys are fantastic! "
Anne White - paralegal for Joanne White, Latham, NY
"Family Law Software is, by far, the best financial software we have used in our practice.
It allows for the easy preparation of accurate and comprehensive statements of net worth as well as other related documents.
Further, the up-to-date financial components, particularly statutory support calculations and tax information, make it a valuable tool for negotiation purposes.""
Diane M. O'Leary, Esq., Ostertag O'Leary Barrett & Faulkners
"We are rolling out Family Law Software throughout the firm. We find that it helps us work more efficiently, so we have more time to focus on important matters. "
Ronnie Schindel, Aronson Mayefsky & Sloan, LLP, New York, NY
"Our firm uses Family Law Software. We find it easy to use.
We use it for the Net Worth Statement, budgeting, child support calculations and settlement purposes.
In addition to the software itself, we have always received immediate help from tech support when necessary. "
James Nolletti, Collier, Halpern, Newberg, Nolletti and Bock, LLP, White Plains, New York
"My practice has been greatly enriched by my subscription to Family Law Software.
With the aid of the program, I am more fully prepared to negotiate a favorable arrangement for my clients, one that takes taxes into consideration. Litigation presentations are also enhanced, and the program has great visual aids to assist in supporting my arguments.
I also find that the clients are reassured by having a complete evaluation of their financial position, presented in comprehensible form, to assist them in deciding whether what they are proposing or agreeing to will work for them in the long run.
I believe this is an invaluable program for those working in divorce litigation, collaboration and mediation. "
Kathryn S. Lazar, Lazar & Schwartz, Hopewell Junction, New York
"The reports generated by the software have given us a distinct edge during negotiations.
I provide them to my adversary and the other party along with the supporting factual printouts from the program and tell them to check the accuracy with an accountant. That gesture alone enhances credibility.
Also, the program's ability to impact future numbers with cost of living adjustments and anticipated increases in earnings helps me test the reasonableness of proposals received from adversaries.
The yearly cost for the software is easily offset by the billings I charge the clients for my time in generating the reports in just one file! "
Stephen C. Prudente, Of Counsel,  Young, Sommer...LLC, Albany, New York
"I consider myself to be very involved when it comes to technology in the practice of Family Law. I was one of the first subscribers to some of the other products. I have always looked to find automation when it comes to net worth preparation and overall integration. I have tried them all, and I have tried my own Excel spreadsheet.
At the end of the day, your software has proved itself to be clearly the best of the lot as "the total package."
It is intuitive, easy, and produces some of the best looking output I have seen. Also, the tech support is great, and that's what I have found so different.
The monthly cost is easily recouped in terms of billable time. Every time I think the software can't do something, it can. That's the most amazing thing to me. And you don't have to be a genius to work this software. "
Robert M. Preston, New York, New York
"I met with a leading financial planner the other day, and we were both singing your praises. We agreed that your program and your technical support are stellar! "
Andrea Vacca, Esq., New York, NY
"The software has been good in collaborative terms, because I can bring the charts, and it visually helps the parties see that the result is reasonable.
I especially like that I can send them the client software and they can enter their information. "
Leslye Schlesinger, New City, New York
"Family Law Software provides one-stop shopping for all significant financial analyses required for my cases.
If you think that another tool will help you and your clients, just let the Family Law software team know, as the creators of this program are always looking to enhance its functionality for us users.
This program is a crucial tool that allows you to factor in all the details in order to figure out the big picture.
I recommend consulting Family Law Software before proposing or accepting any comprehensive financial plan. It is not difficult to figure out how to use, and the tech support is great. "
Adam Berner, Attorney-Mediator, New York, New York and Teaneck, New Jersey.
"I use Family Law Software to help clients consider their financial situation, evaluate their choices and make decisions.
I particularly appreciate that the software will produce the Net Worth Statement information for the clients. It also provides for quick access to Child Support and Temporary Spousal Maintenance calculations.
Best of all, the technical support, when needed, is phenomenal! "
Beth Danehy, Mediator, New York, NY
"The program is user friendly; is highly adaptable by the use of footnotes and provisions for expenses for multiple residences; and the hard copy is impressive looking and easy to follow. Additionally, all of the other features, including "what if" calculations, tax calculations, child support guidelines charts and numerous other features are invaluable. I highly recommend the software."
Stephen Gassman, Gassman Baiamonte Betts,  PC Garden City, New York

What our Ohio customers are saying:

"Family Law Software is an indispensable part of my Collaborative Law and Mediation practices. During my initial consultations with new prospective clients I actually use a hard copy of the blank data entry sheets, as well as the sample file, to help demonstrate that their financial and budgetary concerns will form the basis of our problem solving efforts. By doing so from the very beginning, they understand that I care and will be paying attention to their interests and their life styles. This creates the rapport and they immediately understand that we will be building options from the bottom-up as opposed to dictated top-down outcomes. By the end of whatever alternative dispute resolution they choose, my clients know that all pertinent information has been considered and that their decisions will be viable. I will not do a case without Family Law Software. It is by far the best practice tool I have encountered in over 40 years of practice. And, I must say, any support I need from the FLS team is always available and provided in the most timely of ways. It is my pleasure to recommend this essential and valuable product."
Maury White, Esq.
(513) 770-4350
"The discovery of Family Law Software was a game changer for me. Other software is available but is rarely as intuitive and all encompassing. Family Law Software allows me to work easily through not only simple child support matters, but complex matters, in which various tax rates, state laws and spousal vs. child support concerns are at play, are rendered easily managed through Family Law Software."
Very truly yours,
Laura M. Wellen, Esq.

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"Family Law Software has raised the bar for our client services. With FLS, we can deliver more integrated financial reports to our clients, so that they better understand their options and projected outcomes. This includes the overview of family assets and liabilities as well as expense and cash flow reports, reflecting guideline child support computations and spousal support scenarios.

FLS is perfect for our mediations and collaborative cases since the files can be shared among collaborative attorneys and financial neutrals. Files are easily shared among attorneys and paralegals. Program updates are timely and support is prompt and helpful.
In short, FLS allows us to be more helpful to our clients. What more could we ask?"
Elaine S. Buck
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"Endorsement: Family Law Software has assisted me in my role as Mediator and Financial Neutral since 2008. Literally, I do not know how I would practice without it. It provides consistency, structure and substance which enable the clients to fully grasp complex concepts. One of the best features is having a ready reference when clients call long after their process has concluded. The program should be considered essential to all who practice in Family Law. "
Rebecca S. Murphy, JD, ChFC, CDFA
7055 Engle Road, Suite 1-101
Cleveland, Ohio 44130
(440) 243-5002
"We use Family Law Software from the beginning of all our cases. We have the clients fill in their data and send it to us. My assistant finds the software to be very helpful. "
Greg Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio
"It is better than any other software for Family Law I have ever used. "
Mary Biacsi, Cleveland, Ohio
"My paralegal loves the software. He uses it to fill in all the case information for every case. "
Cathy Cook, Cincinnati, Ohio
"I use this software and I like it. "
Robert Lancaster, Springfield, Ohio
"I really like the software. I use it at the start of every case. "
James Giles, Mt. Vernon, Ohio
"Family Law Software has proven to be an indispensible part of my practice - far more than any other financial software program I have used. "
Barbara J. Howard, Cincinnati, Ohio
"I really appreciate the ability to consolidate property on one page and to play easily with alternate property distribution options." "
Susan Ahlrichs, Cincinnati, Ohio
"Family Law Software streamlines the divorce financial process by 1) clients entering the data; 2) data flowing to court forms; and 3) showing support changes with each entry. "
Cathy Cook, Cincinnati, Ohio
"Family Law Software has proven to be a real benefit to my practice.
My clients are grateful for the efficiency of the "Client Input" option and I have found the "What If" projections to be an invaluable tool for settlement in my mediation and Collaborative Divorce practice. "
Sherri Goren Slovin, Cincinnati, Ohio
"I use Family Law Software in all my cases. I send the electronic Income & Expense Worksheet to clients as a matter of course. The Present Value reports, after-tax spendable cash, and child support reports are clearly superior to FinPlan and other similar products. "
John Zoller, Cleveland, Ohio
"Our Secretary loves the software we bought from you. We have used it several times already. "
Anna Bates, Westerville, Ohio
"This program truly makes our job easier. It is vital to litigation and collaboration cases alike.""
Erinn Hannigan, Strauss Troy, Cincinnati, Ohio
"I like Family Law Software. I like it a lot.""
Gail Hurd, Chagrin Falls, Ohio
"Family Law Software responds to tax law changes and technological questions more quickly than any company I have ever worked with.
The well placed "?" tabs anticipate questions that might arise during data input and the "more info" tabs can be a great resource for guidance on entering and considering content. "
Amy Whitlatch, Cincinnati, Ohio
"I met with these clients for six weeks. All the meetings happened at our office with Family Law Software on our big screen.
When the attorneys were brought in, they said that they had a settlement right off the bat based on our work.
It felt like a home run. And Family Law Software was a significant part of that. ""
Frank Fantozzi, CPA, CDFA, Brecksville, Ohio

What our Pennsylvania customers are saying:

"Family Law Software beats the hell out of what I was using before.
I am very, very impressed with it, and it is one hell of an improvement over SupportCalc. "
Jackie Stevens, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"The continuous updates with tax code changes are excellent. "
Abby DeBlasio, Greensburg, Pennsylvania
"Absolutely The Best. Very helpful support! "
Patricia Wozniak Henk, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"I am computer challenged, so I especially appreciate their prompt and patient responses. "
Paige E. Peasely, Erie, Pennsylvania
"FLS is an excellent tool to get support calculations done with great efficiency and accuracy.
FLS provides live help which is also great, especially when dealing with multiple scenarios and calculations."
Joo Y. Park, Norristown, Pennsylvania
"I love Family Law Software. It keeps everything organized in one place!"
Rose Kauffman, State College, Pennsylvania
"Family Law Software is the best on the market. Simple. Lots of data. And fabulous tech support."
Zanita Zacks-Gabriel, Erie, Pennsylania
"I find that Family Law Software offers a richer set of features than any other program.  Family Law Software has improvements and new features that quickly seem indispensable. "
Joel Bernbaum, Timoney Knox, LLP, Fort Washington, PA
"Wonderful tech support and fast, responsive customer service. Easy to learn, easy to set up new client files and to add or edit information on existing files.
My clients like being able to see the pdf worksheets and to fill in the forms before our meeting."
Patricia T. Brennan, Law Office of Patricia T. Brennan, West Chester PA
"Having Used another support calculator for years, we were a little concerned about taking on Family Law Software – a whole new program to learn! But, although the program does so many things, the training provided and ongoing tech support is super!

As collaboratively trained lawyers, we also learned that Family Law Software is widely (maybe exclusively) used by the neutral financial experts in Collaborative Practice cases.
We are now in the process of adopting the Family Law Software Equitable Distribution section and tools in our divorce cases and see the day when Family Law Software is our single tool for all divorce issues."
Joni Berner, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
"Great program!"
Melissa H. Shirey, The Family Law Group, LLC, Erie PA
"Our offices find Family Law Software to be the most comprehensive and computer friendly product there is for handling family law matters.

Their customer service is amazing and the product is updated immediately to accommodate changes in the law."
Maribeth Blessing, Law Offices of Maribeth Blessing, Rockledge PA
"I have recommended Family Law Software to multiple colleagues since I began using it myself.
It is extremely user friendly and the free updates make it highly accurate and even easier to use.
The file organization of the program is second to none in my opinion and I will continue to recommend this product to other family law attorneys as a must have!"
Carol A. Benson, Penglase & Benson, Inc., Doylestown, PA
"As a sole practitioner I use Family Law Software to help me stay competitive with the larger law firms. The software is easy to use, accurate and a real time saver.

When I have had questions, the support staff was courteous, knowledgeable, and readily accessible. The publishers keep the software up to date with changes to tax tables or the law.
Most importantly, my clients like to see in black and white what may happen in court.
Family Law Software facilitates settlements and gives clients a sense of confidence in the outcome, if litigation is necessary. I recommend this software to any family law attorney."
Marc Rosenwasser, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"I use this software in almost every case, and I recommend it to other attorneys."
Steve Hurvitz, McQuaide, Blasko, Fleming & Faulkner
"I use the program a lot. I use the alimony breakeven analysis, the equitable distribution worksheet, the analysis of who should claim the exemptions, the defined benefit pension valuations, and of course the child support guideline calculator. Sometimes I even send the reports to my clients.

I have been telling other attorneys about it, because I think it's really good software."
Pamela Purdy, Harrisburg, PA
"Family Law Software has been invaluable in preparing our cases for litigation and settlement purposes.No more searching through the file to find documentation of pensions, income etc. It's all right there on the spreadsheets, saving us time and our clients money."
Mary Burchik, Buzgon Davis, Lebanon, PA
"What a great product! Family Law Software not only provides me with the support calculations which I need, but also provides personal and responsive technical assistance. In complicated cases, help is just a phone call away and you cannot beat that kind of service.."
Anthony M Muir Allentown, PA
"I really like the improvement you having been making to the program. It is an invaluable resource to me."
Ted Hoppe, Hoppe & Martin, LLP Kennet Square, PA

What our Financial customers are saying:

"I have used Family Software for years and, without question, I think it is a must-have for anyone providing divorce financial planning services. I use it in every single one of my cases--with clients in mediation sessions, collaborative meetings, and in my one-on-one meetings to model different scenarios in real time, run support calculations, show tax effected values, calculate pension valuations, and so much more. Having this easy-to-use visual tool often leads to more productive discussions and decision-making between the parties. The Family Law Software team is extremely supportive. Their website has a robust Q&A section, video tutorials and they provide timely email replies to questions and assistance on data input, often within the hour (and they reply after hours too!). I believe Family Law Software is the BEST divorce financial planning software available and I wouldn't use anything else in my practice."
Donna Cheswick, Sewickley, Pennsylvania
"I am a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and I have been using Family Law software for close to a decade.

It is an incredible product and allows me to do my job with confidence and efficiency. It is intuitive and easy to use yet, at the same time, it is very sophisticated and nuanced. I love the fact that I can always use the detailed reports to dig into the calculations behind any number.

The software is constantly being updated to reflect current divorce and tax laws. I use the software to prepare court-ready financial affidavits, analyze pre- and post-divorce budgets, and understand the ramifications of any contemplated settlement. Everyone at Family Law Software is very professional and responsive to any questions or suggestions."

Victoria Thomas CDFA, New Canaan CT
"I love the software! The upgrades and improvements you’ve made over the years make it an invaluable tool. The functionality matches everything on my wish list. I especially appreciate the “What-If” feature when negotiating asset divisions during mediation."
Jacki Gold-Roessler, Southfield, Michigan
"I am so happy with this software. "
Donald Paris, Rockville, Maryland
"Family Law Software is the most comprehensive and complete divorce software in the industry.
It is easy to navigate and create the needed scenarios for effective use with clients and attorneys."
Gary LaMusga, Walnut Creek, California
"Family Law Software and their staff have been an incredible help to my business.
Anytime I've needed assistance, even on weekends, someone has been there to help me!
And in those very rare instances where an error was due to a minor bug in the software, they had it corrected within a day or two.

If only we could get that level of service from other providers.
Thank you, Family Law Software!"
Jeffrey Landers, New York, New York
"I really like the fact that one piece of software does both property distribution settlement and cash flows simultaneously. That's a real cost savings to my practice, because I don't have to use two different pieces of software.
I can run my practice more efficiently and make more money."
Andrew Hoffman, CDFA, Mandeville, Louisiana
"I appreciate the flexibility and choices of all the reports in the software.
Creating report templates for each attorney and client used to consume vast amounts of my time. Because Family Law Software has reports for virtually every attorney, (and ultimately), client need, I can customize my analysis even more efficiently.

A key feature is the ability to share case files with attorneys. When my attorneys also use the software, working together in tandem on the case is even more synchronized and harmonized.

Not only do I use the software, but for cases where I am retained for Net Worth Statement and Financial Affidavit preparation, I will not take the case unless the other professionals involved use Family Law Software as well. "
Michelle Smith, CFP(R), CDFA, New York, New York
"I've been doing Financial Planning for Divorce for several years now. I'm hearing from new clients that attorneys are mentioning my name, and that the attorneys feel the work I do is very thorough.

I'll give lots of credit to your software for that!!"
Carol Arnott, CFP(R), CDFA ChFC, Greenville, Delaware
"Family Law Software is key to divorce settlements.
Clients tell me that they've learned so much about their financial picture and feel comfortable with the decisions they are making.

Our membership are all using Family Law Software.
We like the fact that everything we need is in one piece of software, and that we are not going back and forth as we did before."
Cathy L. Daigle, Los Gatos, California
"Family Law Software is an invaluable tool in my divorce practice.
The technical support is fabulous - always available and willing to solve the problem."
Barbara Shapiro, CFP(R), CDFA, Dedham, Massachusetts
"Before switching to Family Law Software, I was using one program for tax calculations, child support guidelines, creating financial affidavits and other calculations, and another program to illustrate property division and long-term projections of settlement scenarios.
It was an inefficient and frustrating process.

Now I use Family Law Software for every aspect of the divorce planning process, saving me time and my sanity!
The reports are exceptional and easy to understand, which help me create a professional and impressive work product. "
William Donaldson, CFP(R), CDFA, Stratford, Connecticut
"I think the program is great. It enables you to present different scenarios to your client in an extremely helpful way.

The analytical tools also allow for out-of-the box thinking. For example, I have used the Present Value of alimony calculation to structure trade-offs of property that got the parties to settlement. I also find the pension appraisal to be a tremendous feature for getting an estimate of what the pension is worth. "
John Faggio, CPA, CFP(R), Columbia, Maryland
"I have been using Family Law Software since 2005.
It is virtually the only software that I need to operate my Divorce Financial Planning Practice.
Client service is fantastic and the firm is regularly improving the software.
I would strongly recommend this software to anyone considering it. "
Mike Durante, CFP, CDFA, Brewster, New York
"I like that the software can be so detail oriented and will roll up to highly-summarized, very simple reports.We can see all the assumptions and all the calculations, because it gives you a trail, so you can go back and see where every number came from.

We should all be using this software. "
Lili Vasileff, CFP(R), CDFA, Woodbridge, Connecticut
"You guys are the fastest support team for any software, anywhere. Thank you!"
Steve McBride, CDFA, Greenwood Village, Colorado
"I met with these clients for six weeks. All the meetings happened at our office with Family Law Software on our big screen. When the attorneys were brought in, they said that they had a settlement right off the bat based on our work.
It felt like a home run. And Family Law Software was a significant part of that. "
Frank Fantozzi, CPA, CDFA, Brecksville, Ohio
"With Family Law Software, it took me four hours less than it usually takes me to prepare my initial round of reports, and I think I did a pretty darn good job.

I was blown away. Now, I can take on more work and my clients get charged less, and everybody wins. "
Teresa Sisk, CDFA, Seattle, Washington
"The eye-opening Net Worth graph gives clients the big picture.
Just that alone is so compelling to facilitate agreements between the parties.

This software is pivotal right now because it can give you the long-term ramifications of the clients' decisions. This software enables the collaborative interdisciplinary team members in assisting our clients in promoting positive brainstorming sessions.

It empowers clients to see how they can make the best decisions now in order make it financially in the long term. "
Donna Smalldon, CDFA, CFP, MBA, Portland, Oregon
"I have been a Certified Divorce Planner for many years and tried many different software programs attempting to provide a factual, comprehensive analysis for my clients.

By far, Family Law Software is the easiest and most inclusive program that offers the widest array of reports. This is crucial since it allows my clients to know their present situations and prevent mistakes by seeing the realistic effects of their financial divorce settlement before they sign on the dotted line."
Joan Coullahan, Independence, Kentucky
"In the three months after I started using Family Law Software, it doubled the efficiency of my office and greatly enhanced my courtroom presentations.

Thank you for such a great tool! "
Janet Bouma, CDFA, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
"Family Law Software responds to tax law changes and technological questions more quickly than any company I have ever worked with.

The well placed help buttons anticipate questions that might arise during data input and the more info tabs can be a great resource for guidance on entering and considering content."
Amy Whitlatch, Cincinnati, Ohio
"The divorce process can necessitate advisors to pick up a file after many months of inactivity.
Family Law Software enables the professional to have immediate access to organized records and reports saving countless hours recreating the wheel.

The ability to clearly communicate data translates into power and facilitates settlements.
The negotiate tab in the software is a professional's direct link to transition the parties to settlement."
Rebecca Murphy, Cleveland, Ohio
"As a Collaborative Practitioner, Mediator, and Family Law Litigator, Family Law Software's clear and flexible reports has made settlement (and persuasion) so much easier.
This program was written by people who understand that there can be multiple points of view on each issue and asset and who make it easy for us to evaluate how far apart these really are.
The ease of entering information once, documenting the details, and applying the information where needed in other reports is astounding.
The tech support, responsiveness to questions and speed of updates to keep up with tax and other changes is the best ever."
Maralee Nelder, CFLS, CDFA, Grass Valley, California
"I must share with you that the professional, thorough reports I was able to generate with Family Law Software played a major role in settling a very difficult case the other day.
The combination of graphs and spreadsheet allowed both the wife who processes information visually and the husband who is very analytical to grasp the information equally well. Their attorneys were very pleased as well.
Thank you for making me look so good!"
Thea Glazer, CFP, CDFA, MS. Accounting, San Diego, CA
"I'm a newbie to the Collaborative Process, and I bought Family Law Software with my first case. It was an invaluable tool to streamline my process and guide me through the process. It has excellent functionality and support."
Marsha Brooks, Scottsdale, Arizona
"I've used Family Law Software for several years, and it is the best option for litigated and collaborative divorces. It is updated regularly, and the tech support is fantastic."
Dennis DeKok, Grand Rapids, Michigan
"Clients and their attorneys are consistently impressed with the capabilities of Family Law Software. They love the ease with which we can change a figure or two to run different scenarios. You help them to reach informed decisions, and you make me look good in the process. Thank you!"
Margaret Little, Virginia Beach, Virginia
"I use Family Law Software and it is great. It incorporates a lot of helpful tips, explanations, and guides you through the process. I just used it the other day for valuing pensions for a case. It is very easy and helpful to the Collaborative process."
Luana Mobley Corral, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
"I have been using Family Law Software since 2009 and must say that I am more than satisfied with the product.
In my opinion it is far superior to any other divorce software on the market.
Whenever there is a change in the divorce or tax law the software is updated immediately.
When purchasing any product the sign of a great company is the customer support after the sale and Family Law Software customer support is excellent. If you have a question on divorce or how to use the software the answer is just a phone call away.
The how to videos and webinars at no charge is another feature that many other software companies in any discipline, do not offer. Keep up the good work!"
Len Nassi, CFP, CDFA, Hollywood, Florida
"I use Family Law Software all the time in collaborative cases.
I like that it allows us to do many iterations on the case.
It also helps us answer questions the clients have."
James G. Russell, CPA, Filomeno & Company, PC, West Hartford, CT
"I have been using Family Law Software for many years. The program is frequently updated for tax changes and new features.
The software has a comprehensive menu of reports that are available, integrates accurate tax adjusted calculations, and can easily produce multiple scenarios.
This program has been an invaluable resource for my practice for the most basic to the most complex cases. "
Jerry Cohen, CPA/PFS, CFF, CDFA, Woodland Hills, CA
"Family Law Software is an invaluable tool for financial professionals working in the divorce process.
I use the software to help the parties and their attorneys examine and project settlement options."
Mary Prior, MS, EA, CFP, CDFA, Valhalla, New York
"As a Collaborative financial neutral and financial mediator, I'll often attend settlement meetings with attorneys and/or a divorcing couple and project the Family Law Software against a screen or monitor for everyone to see.
To be able to make a change in the property division, support amounts or any other number and enable everyone to immediately see the impact of the change is no small matter.
The pencil-and-paper attorneys seem especially impressed."
Don Blythe CPA, Kansas City, Missouri
"I have used Family Law Software for more than 4 years. It's easy to use and provides many useful financial tools for resolving family law issues between the parties in addition to preparing quality Financial affidavits, child support guideline calculations and Net Worth/Equitable distribution schedules.
Their technical support is fantastic and they are constantly making improvements and updating the program. Quite frankly, I believe the program is worth a lot more than they're charging."
  Roderick C. Moe, CPA,ABV,CDFA,CFF, CVA, Lake Worth, FL
"What I value in the Family Law Software Planner is its attention to the varied range of users. The text/language supports use by attorneys, the tax analysis support CPA's and the comprehensive analysis is appreciated by CFP's and CDFA's. Furthermore, it is actively being expanded upon and improved by user suggestions from the field."
William Chamberlin, St Louis, Missouri
"The program has been stupendous. I used to use [another program], and this is much better. What I like with the Family Law Software Planner is that when I make changes, the changes are shown instantaneously. And it's easy to use - everything is laid out right in front of you.
As far as the client goes, it's transparent. If a client wishes to, or his attorney wishes to he or she can follow each number down the line. You can do three or four or five different scenarios, which is what I usually do, and you can see each change and what the results are."
Matthew Bernstein,  Atlanta, GA
"At our firm we provide comprehensive financial planning. The planning software we use is top notch but does not offer us the unique aspects of a divorce situation.
Built into the Family Law Software program are such unique items as property division, mortgage refinancing, pension calculations, child support and maintenance.
The software also provides the ability to present different settlement options to the client. The attention to detail is surprising. In addition, the technical support provided to us has been superlative."
Gary Castine, SageRutty and Co., Inc  Rochester, New York
"I like:  1. That the Family Law Software Planner has the capability to show two individual tax scenarios with the corresponding cash flows and balance sheets.  2. That Family Law Software Planner can demonstrate to a divorce client possible future financial scenarios based on different settlement options so that the client can be well informed during settlement negotiations and when he/she makes a final decision. "
Geralyn Jensen,  SageRutty and Co.,Inc Rochester, New York
"I chose Family Law Software - after an extensive search - to illustrate financial planning strategies for my book, The Complete Guide to Protecting Your Financial Security When Getting a Divorce, for McGraw Hill. It clearly conveys the financial reality and long-term impact of divorce."
Alan Feigenbaum,  Chapel Hill, North Carolina
"The Family Law Software Planner allows me to very quickly produce something that makes lawyers and judges understand my client's position. More importantly, it really changes my clients' lives."
Sandi Geller,  Newton, MA
"I have shared my work product with collaborative divorce attorneys in the Maryland Collaborative Law Association, where I practice, and they say there is no way in the world that they could replicate the comprehensiveness of these reports. They are simply wowed."
Gerald Veydt , Parting Ways, Inc.
"I have a few other financial divorce software programs, and I find this to be the most thorough. I feel like I'm covering all my bases with the Family Law Software Planner."
Savilla Stokas, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan