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Family Law Software offers these tutorials to help you become an expert at using our software.

Training Videos for Connecticut

Quick videos for Connecticut Affidavit

Names and dates and information about children.
Affidavit Options, and Information other than Income, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities.
Wage income for the Affidavit.
Bonus, Commissions, Tips, and other wage-like income.
Real estate expenses.
Living Expenses other than Real Estate Expenses.
Income from assets and payments on debts.
Entering assets and liabilities.

Quick videos for Connecticut Child Support

A single screen where you enter most of the key child support items.
Calculation of suggested medical expense contribution for child support.
Child care expense for child support.
Calculation of the Imputed Child deduction.
Calculation of arrearages.
Wage income for child support.
The impact of overtime hours and hours beyond 45 hours a week.
Income from bonuses, commissions, tips and other wage-like income for child support.
Income from investments, businesses, real estate, and pensions for child support.
Alimony income for child support purposes.
Worksheet showing the calculation of gross income for child support purposes.
Real estate tax deductions for the child support calculation.
Tax deductions for the child support calculation.
Other deductions for child support.
Worksheet for the calculation of total deductions for child support.
Specifying the amount of child support and alimony to be used in budget and cash flow projections.