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Family Law Software offers these tutorials to help you become an expert at using our software.

Training Videos for Florida

Quick videos for Florida Affidavit

Entering initial information for party and children.
Entering information other than income, expenses, assets and debts.
Entering pay stub information.
Entering income from bonus, commission, tips and other wage-like income.
Entering real estate and associated expenses.
Entering living expenses other than real estate.
Entering income and expenses from business, investments, IRA/401k, debts, etc.
Entering assets and liabilities.

Quick videos for Florida Child Support

One screen to enter most or all of the key information.
Selecting the method to use for split custody calculations.
Entering income for Florida child support
Entering deductions for Florida child support
Specifying the child support and maintenance amounts to be used for budget projections.

Quick videos for Florida Forms

Viewing and printing the various Florida child support forms.
Viewing and printing the Florida financial affidavit.