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Family Law Software offers these tutorials to help you become an expert at using our software.

Training Videos for Illinois

Training videos for Illinois Child Support

One screen to enter most child support information.
Wage Income.
Bonus, Commissions, Tips, and other income.
Investment income.
Real Estate Expenses.
Deduction for Taxes.
Deduction for Maintenance.
Other deductions for pre-2017 Law.
Other deductions under the 2017 Law.
Setting the support and maintenance to use in cash flow and budgets.

Training videos for Illinois Disclosure Statement

Background information.
Disclosure entries that are not income, expense, asset, or debt.
Wages and payroll deduction.
Bonus, commissions, tips, and other wage-like income.
Real Estate properties and expenses.
Expenses not associated with real estate.
Expenses associated with assets and debts.
Assets and Liabilities.

Training videos for Illinois Forms and Reports

Child Support Guideline Worksheet under pre-July-2017 law.
Child Support Guideline Worksheet under July, 2017 law.
The Illinois statutory maintenance calculation.
Viewing and Printing the Illinois Disclosure Statement.