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Family Law Software offers these tutorials to help you become an expert at using our software.

Training Videos for New York

New York Child Support and Temporary Maintenance

Entry of key items in the child support calculation.
Wage income for child support.
Ways to change or remove the income cap.
Bonus, commissions, tips and other wage-like income.
Ways to enter investment and business income.
Taxes deductible for child support.
The calculation for the deduction of health insurance.
Entries for the calculation of Maintenance.
Specifying the maintenance to be used in the Support calculation.

Quick videos for New York Net Worth Statement

Entering names, key dates, filing status, and children.
Entering Family Data.
Wages and payroll deductions.
Bonus, commissions, tips, etc.
Expenses of real estate properties.
Living expenses other than real estate.
Entering income from assets and payments on debts.
Understanding the Income Worksheet.
Entering assets for the Net Worth Statement.
Entering liabilities for the Net Worth Statement.

Quick videos for New York Forms & Reports

The Child Support Standards Act Worksheet.
The Maintenance Worksheet.