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Training Videos for Ohio

Quick videos for Ohio Child Support

Key information for the child support calculation.
wage income for the child support deduction.
Bonuses, commissions, tips and other wage-like income.
Income from assets including investments, business, real estate, and pensions.
Spousal support from prior and current relationships.
Continuation of the child support table where combined incomes exceed $150,000.
Deduction for the obligation for health insurance where health insurance is provided by a party.
Calculation of the obligation for health insurance where health insurance is not provided by a party.
Deduction for child care expenses.
entry of spousal support in this and prior relationships.
Union dues, mandatory deductions, the additional dependent deduction, and child support paid on prior relationships.
Child and spousal support amounts to use in budgets and cash flow projections.

Quick videos for Ohio Affidavit

Names, dates, and information about the children for the Affidavit.
Information for the Affidavit other than income, expenses, assets, and liabilities.
Wages and payroll deductions for the Affidavit.
Bonuses, commissions, tips, and other wage-like income.
Expenses for real estate properties.
Living expenses other than real estate expenses.
Income from business, rental, investment and pensions, as well as payments on debt, life insurance, and retirement plans.
Entering assets and liabilities for the Affidavit.