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Question: Why can I only open one file in my Colorado Child Support calculator?


The free Colorado child support calculator was always intended to be used only by pro se individuals.

For several years, we have been permitting multiple files to be created and saved, and this enabled attorneys to use the pro se edition as well.

It was always on our "to do" list to limit usage to one file. This task finally worked its way to the top of our list and was implemented at the beginning of January, 2018.

And so now, we are limiting the pro se edition only to one file, as was originally intended.

If you are an attorney, you may purchase the Professional Edition of Family Law Software for as little as $25 per month, plus a set-up fee of $99.

Any files that you created with the free Colorado child support calculator will open with the Professional Edition.

The Professional Edition contains not only child support, but also the Sworn Financial Statement and much else. Click here for more information about the Professional Edition.

The Professional Edition is also available in a Cloud version. The Cloud and Desktop versions are identical in functionality.

We offer a full refund for up to three-months after you initially sign up for the software, so there is no risk to giving it a try.

If you have existing files and you do not want to pay for a Professional Edition, we suggest that you subscribe to the Professional Edition, finish up any existing files, then cancel within the three month limit. We will give you a full refund, including the set-up fee, when you cancel.

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